Welcome to the 21st Century, where life is fast, fun, and – at times – tedious. With so much going on with work, kids, and social life, it's no wonder we don't feel like we have time to breathe in between. Enter automation: your secret weapon to checking off your to-do list and freeing up more of your precious time. Here, we've found four ways that automation can simplify your life, immediately. What are you waiting for?


Have your bills pay themselves


"I love budgeting money and paying bills!" said no one ever. Debatably one of the most monotonous and boring tasks out there, paying bills is something we loathe. Lucky for us, the modern conveniences of the internet have paved the way to checking this to-do off our lists with just a few simple clicks.


Automate your finances by signing up with credit card companies, utilities, and financial institutions to make recurring monthly payments. Don't just walk away; monitor your accounts for errors and double payments, and make sure you reconcile your budget at the end of each month. To free up even more time, use a budgeting app like Mint that links your bank and credit accounts and does the dirty work for you.


Sign up for a meal-delivery service


Meal delivery kits are reinventing the dinner hour for families everywhere. Here's the concept: A service like Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, or Plated delivers a recipe and all the high-quality, fresh ingredients you need to make it. This cuts out the middleman and hassle of the grocery store, and also expands you and your family's culinary expertise level. No more poring over recipes, ordering the same old takeout, or microwaving that frozen pizza. If you want to check off eating healthy, fresh meals from your to-do list, using a meal delivery service is a surefire way to take the guessing out of dinnertime.


Break up your chores


Another boring yet essential task, household chores never seem to make it to the top of the "Fun Things We Can Do This Weekend" list. By creating a schedule that breaks off chores into small chunks, you no longer have to spend your entire day off to catch up on housework. Delegate chores to each family member and use an app like Chore Monster to keep the kids motivated. By doing small bursts of chores and creating a calendar, the chores aren't necessarily automated, but they become part of a routine that once you settle into, will feel automatic.


Automate your water


We all know how important it is to drink water. How much easier would life be if there were a steady supply of cold, fresh, water right in our home each day? Tap water is laden with chemicals, bacteria, and quite often, a bad taste. This makes us forego the water to get to the sugary drinks and sodas. Having a water cooler is one of the easiest, stress-free and affordable ways of making sure your family is getting enough water. If you're looking to get fresh, healthy spring water delivered right to your door, Watchung Beverage delivers to Monmouth, Ocean, Mercer, Cape May, Atlantic & Cumberland Counties in New Jersey.


Only one question remains: What will you do with all that free time you just saved?