As the weather grows colder, you’re likely to see fewer people out for those early morning jogs. Once winter begins in earnest and snow comes into the picture, your motivation to head outside for your daily bit of exercise will probably go down with the temperature. But wintertime isn’t any reason to let wellness goals fall to the wayside.


And though you should always consult with your physician before beginning a new exercise routine, there are still many options for you to try without ever going outdoors this winter. The best part? All of these exercises aren’t particularly time-consuming, so the busy stay-at-home parents or workaholics among us can still fit them into their days. Here are five simple, quick exercises to try at home during the cold winter months:


  1. Squats. There are many different types of squats for the novices and seasoned fitness junkies among us. For the most basic kind, stand with your feet parallel and lower yourself into a crouch until your thighs are parallel to the floor, then raise yourself back up, and repeat. To make this more difficult, you can hold your arms out straight, along with one leg, and hold the squat position for a few seconds before raising back up. You can do these in front of the TV, or while listening to some music to help pass the time. Here is a good guide to squat exercises.


  1. This in-bed workout. Yes, you can work out without even leaving your bed! This video incorporates a variety of strength exercises for all over the body, in addition to some stretches to wake up your muscles and get your blood flowing. If you need some help working up the energy to get out of bed in the morning, this routine will surely do the trick!


  1. Dance! Recently, “barre workouts” are on the rise: exercise routines based on ballet techniques. These workouts involve the entire body, and incorporate various elements of strength training, Pilates, yoga, and more. Try this barre workout at home, but beware, though they may use delicate ballet techniques, they are serious, full-body workouts!


  1. Stair climbs. Have a staircase in your house? Then you have a workout! If you have some small weights, or even household items that aren’t too difficult to carry, take those with you, and walk quickly up and down the stairs. If you do some bicep curls with the weights as you go, you’ll get an even deeper workout across your whole body. Another option is using just a single step—place one foot on a step and lift yourself up until your leg is straight, then lower back down, and repeat with each side.


  1. Push-ups. This classic workout also can be customized depending on your skill level. Keep your hands about shoulder-length apart, back straight, and lower yourself to the floor and back. For a more intense workout, when you raise yourself up, push yourself hard enough to get off the floor, and catch yourself when you come back down, and repeat. If the standard push-up is too hard for you, you can place your knees on the floor, but still be sure to keep your back straight so you work your core muscles.


Exercise is different for everybody. We all have different levels of strength and skill, but even for the workaholics among us, it is possible to get a workout in every day. Start small and try only one or two of these exercises each day, depending on your availability. If you have kids, get them involved in the workout too. Staying healthy is important no matter what kind of life you lead, and regular exercise is a cornerstone of wellness. Conduct with a personal trainer to be sure you are maintaining proper form.


Of course, staying hydrated is a must where exercise is concerned. And if you’re not leaving your house for your workout, you’re in luck. If you live in Monmouth County, Ocean County, Mercer County, Atlantic County, Cape May County, or Cumberland County, we can deliver fresh bottled spring water, as well as home filtration systems, right to your door! Just call us at 800-624-0081 to place an order.