Wait! Before you toss that water bottle in the recycling can you need to read this. With a few dabs of glue and some crafty-magic, that bottle in your hand can be transformed into a storage case, a bracelet or number of other amazing things. Give some of the following ideas a try.

Zipper Case You're going to need two water bottles of the same size and brand (good thing you ordered that case of Poland Springs half-liters from us!). You'll also need a pair of sturdy scissors, a hot glue gun and a zipper that's long enough to circle the circumference of your bottle. You'll find step by step directions on the Make It & Love It blog.

Funky Bracelet Those old t-shirts you just can't bear to part with – but should – can be recycled into a one-of-a-kind bangle bracelet with the help of a water bottle. Gather up a few bottles, scissors, fabric and craft glue, and then head over to Canadian Family for the how-to.

Piggy Bank The directions on Martha Stewart's web site begin with a bleach bottle (which, by the way, we can add on to your next delivery if you're running low). We think any bottle you're about to recycle is ready to hoard coins for you. This project needs an empty bottle, scissors, double-sided tape, a hot-glue gun, decorative paper and a pipe cleaner. If you really want to embrace the recycled-art theme, use discarded scraps of paper from your last scrapbooking adventure or leftover wrapping paper.

Bubble Snakes If your family is like most, you have a collection of single socks missing their mates. Before you toss them, pair them up with a water bottle you're about to recycle. Cut the bottom of the water bottle off, slip the sock over now exposed bottom of the bottle and secure it in place with a rubber band or duct tape. Dip the sock end of your new creation into a shallow container that contains dish soap and a bit of water. Place the top of the bottle to your lips and gently blow. The kids over at Housing a Forest blog added food coloring to the sock bottom and created rainbow bubbles.

DIY Lava Lamp Your recycled water bottle and a few household staples will make a temporary lava lamp to amuse you and the kids. Fill your empty water bottles a bit more than half way with vegetable oil. Add water to about an inch from the top of the bottle. Add approximately 10 drops of food coloring as well as a quarter of an Alka-Seltzer tablet. When the lava stops bubbling, drop another quarter tablet in.

Self-Watering Recycled Planter Imagine growing your favorite herbs on the kitchen counter with a built-in watering system. It's easy with a water bottle as your starting point. You can find the directions to create your own counter top herb garden on Maiko Nagao's blog.

Caught the crafting bug? We don't blame you. These crafts are just the tip of recycled-bottle iceberg. Create your own recycled craft and share a picture of it with us on Instagram or Twitter. Use the hashtag #WatchungRecyledArt.