Though everything can be enjoyed in moderation, it’s no secret that there is a proliferation of unhealthy beverage options widely available nowadays. We reach for many sodas for their fizzy, refreshing quality and sweet taste, but the sugars and other substances in them can harm our bodies if consumed in excess, leading to conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.


The good news is that you can satisfy your cravings for refreshing drinks that taste good without having to turn to soda and other unhealthy options. There is a wide array of choices out there that any sweet tooth can love. Here are five possibilities to explore that are as good for you as they are flavorful.


  1. Green tea. Studies suggest that drinking three or more cups of green tea a day can lower your risk for stroke and cancer. Green tea especially is full of powerful antioxidants that improve heart health. If you crave sweetness, try adding healthier sweeteners like stevia, raw honey, or agave syrup. The very best form of green tea in terms of nutrition is matcha—where the entire leaf is ground into a fine powder. This powder has 137 times more nutrients that a cup of brewed green tea, and one cup of matcha green tea equates to ten cups of regular green tea.


  1. Orange juice. Fresh-squeezed fruit juices are naturally sweet as well as refreshing, and orange juice is one great option. Though this drink is incredibly popular already, its health benefits are rarely discussed. You may know that orange juice is rich in vitamin C, which our bodies can’t produce on their own, but did you know that orange juice also can help prevent cancer, boost your immunity, and support your liver function?


  1. Coffee. This one might surprise you, as it’s already so common. But coffee has been found to offer potential benefits in terms of heart disease risk, diabetes, and stroke. Plain black coffee has very few calories, but beware, adding sugar and milk can quickly make them pile up. And steer clear of lattes and mochas, as these often are full of sugar and calories. The plainer you keep your coffee, the healthier it will be, and the more you’ll be able to taste the different flavors of each brew.


  1. “Fake” soda using seltzer water and fruit. Instead of reaching for your favorite lemon-lime soda, make your own! Take plain seltzer water, and slice up some lemon or lime, throw it in, and add a bit of a natural sweetener. You’ll get the fruity fizzy taste without all the calories. You can try it with as many different fruits as you’d like!


  1. Infused water. We all know that good old H2O is the best for you in terms of health, but it probably isn’t at the top of your list of flavorful drinks. But you can change that! Throw some sliced fruit and herbs into a cool glass of water for some added flavor and benefits. Or take some hot water, lemon, and raw honey for a tasty treat that can soothe sore throats and keep the body running smoothly.


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