Water is an essential part of your physical and mental health. From energizing muscles and balancing bodily fluids, to controlling your daily calorie intake, water is a vital building block in any health regimen. So, what is the optimal level of water you should be drinking every day and why?

The answer is...drumroll please... it depends. Factors such as your general health, how active you are and where you live play a role in determining just how much water you should be taking in. Here, we've done some of the math for you to help you figure what's enough for your needs.

Why do we need water? Water is essential to our survival. Your body is about 60% water depending on your size. Everyday it uses H20 to lubricate joints, protect your brain and other tissues, and regulate body temperature. We lose water through perspiration and sweat, and when we don't have enough, we become dizzy, irritable and fatigued. Getting enough water is more important than filling your belly with food: Did you know that you can live without water for about a week, but you can live without food for over a month?

What are the benefits of drinking more water? When it comes to touting the benefits of drinking water, the list is endless. If you're not consuming enough water, your body is not functioning at its best. When there is less water in the body, your blood volume drops, causing the heart to work harder to pump blood into the bloodstream. Getting enough water is essential in combatting dehydration and reducing fatigue. Besides this, water has the power to alleviate headaches, assist in digestion, aid in weight loss, and improve cognitive function.

What counts toward my daily total? While drinking clean, crisp water is closest to nature's intentions, you're still getting water from other beverages like soda, juice, coffee and tea. Water can also be found in many food sources, with vegetables like cucumber, celery, tomatoes and green peppers, all containing 90+% water. Meat, eggs, and fish also contain high levels of water. If you eat a lot of fruits and veggies, you're getting a lot of your water from your meals.

What is the right amount of water to drink every day? You've heard the doctor say 8 eight-ounce glasses a day, but it's not as simple as that. In the summer months or during exercise when sweating increases, you'll need to take in more fluids. Breastfeeding women will also need to increase their water intake to replenish fluids. You'll have to adjust your needs throughout the year and depending on your activity level.

The bottom line. Generally, a good indicator of hydration is colorless or light yellow urine. And as long as you're drinking when you feel thirsty; you should be getting enough water.

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