The fall season has begun and kids are back in school. But just because the weather is cooling doesn't mean that you should stop paying attention to proper hydration. A lot of factors can contribute to dehydration, and because parents are unable to closely monitor their children's water drinking when they’re in school, other measures must be taken to keep them hydrated.


Because their bodies are still growing, kids are at risk of becoming dehydrated faster than adults. Even a slight loss of hydration can impact kids' cognition. Often, they depend on adults and guardians in their lives to keep them healthy with nutritious food and drinks.


Even if you can't stay with them during school, you can provide them with the resources to stay hydrated and feeling their best. Here are three tips to keeping kids hydrated, even when they're away at school.


  1. 1.       Send them to school with multiple water bottles.


The more water they have readily available to them, the more likely kids are to hydrate. A good rule of thumb is to have at least two water bottles. One of these can be kept with them during the day, to drink at their desk or in class. The other can be to drink at lunch. A third can even be brought for recess, when your child is most likely to be active and losing water.


Because kids can be competitive, parents can even turn this into a game of sorts. The more water they drink during the day can mean rewards once they get home.


  1. 2.       Pack their lunches with water-rich foods.


Staying hydrated doesn't always mean drinking water (though you should!). Another great way to make sure kids get some water during the day is to pack their bags with snacks and meals that are rich in water. Processed, salty foods are going to exacerbate dehydration. And if your child goes to recess after lunch, this can lead to a severe spike in water loss.


Some good options to send with kids to school are cucumbers, celery, and zucchini. All are rich in water and can be prepared many different ways. Combined with some flavorful dips, these veggies make great snacks or sides to their packed lunches. (Check out this article for even more options!)


  1. 3.       Make water infusions.


If your kids maintain that water isn't interesting enough to drink, or that it tastes bad, another way to make hydration more appealing is to infuse their water with fruit. Kids are very visual, so not only will the colors make the water more attractive to their eyes, but it can add flavor. Lemon is one great and popular option with many health benefits (and if your children find it too sour, adding a bit of honey can help).


Infusing water has endless possibilities! Add your child's favorite fruits or add some they haven't tried before. Preparing the fruits and herbs ahead of time can even be a fun way to get your kid more active in the kitchen. (Check out this article for a ton of water infusion ideas!)


Even though temperatures are going down, hydration should always be a priority, especially for kids. With these ideas, you can rest assured that even when your children are away at school, they're staying healthy and hydrated. And if you live in Monmouth County, Ocean County, Mercer County, Atlantic County, Cape May County, or Cumberland County, Watchung Beverage Delivery services can deliver fresh bottled spring water right to your home for your family to enjoy!