America's favorite drink is.... drumroll please...bottled water! A survey by Beverage Marketing Corporation reports that for the first time ever, bottled water sales surpassed carbonated soft drinks in 2016, making water the beverage of choice for Americans. That's good news! Soda and other sugary drinks have played a part in the country's expanding waistlines, increase in gum disease and type-2 diabetes. Still not a fan of drinking water? We're going to give you 3 more reasons why you should sip more H20.


Water aids in weight loss.


Trying to shape up for the summer? Help may be found in a refreshing glass of water. Studies consistently show that drinking more water can aid in weight loss. By drinking just one extra can of soda a day, you can add a whopping 15 pounds to your weight over the course of a year. Start improving your health today by swapping one soda for a calorie free water and save 200 calories each day.


Water increases the appearance of youth.


Forget shelling out money for expensive makeup and cosmetic procedures, the fountain of youth is found in a tall glass of water. Your skin is made up of about 30% water, so staying hydrated is one of the best methods of maintaining that youthful glow. Proper hydration is essential for a radiant, healthy, and younger-looking complexion, while dehydration causes an increase in breakouts, wrinkles and dry patches. Want to banish blemishes, plump up fine lines, and brighten your complexion? Sit back, relax and have a glass (or two) of H20.


Water acts as a mood booster.


Sure, we know that water helps our physical health, but recent studies show a link between water intake and better mood. Mental health symptoms like depression, tension and confusion all decreased when water intake increased. Not only that, water possesses the ability to improve performance, increase energy levels and boost brainpower. Conversely, dehydration reduces attention span, concentration and coordination. It's a no brainer: Add some water everyday to increase your emotional well-being.


Just how can we ensure we're drinking enough water?


Make water your drink of choice. Exchange the sodas and sweet-laden beverages for a fresh, crisp glass of refreshing water. A rough guide would be about 8-10 glasses a day (or six 16.9 ounce bottles), increasing quantities for warmer temperatures and increased activity.


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