Ways to Add More Convenience to Your Life

If you're like most of us, you have a hectic schedule. And you sometimes crave relief from the fast-paced life you lead. It's okay – you're not alone. We are all grateful for the little conveniences that alleviate stress and make our lives easier.

If you've already automated, streamlined, and simplified your daily routines, then you are far ahead of most of us. But if you have not yet explored how to capitalize on the conveniences modern life provides, here are a few suggestions:
  • Pay your bills online. Nix that mail that ends up unopened in a pile on the kitchen table creating more clutter to clean. Sign up with an online bill pay source for all of your utilities and credit cards. Not only do you omit the mess, you are reminded when bills are due via email and it takes only a couple of minutes to pay them. No post office. No stamps. No clutter. No confusion.
  • Register with a laundry and dry-cleaning delivery service. You leave the clothes on your doorstep or on hangers, and they're returned, usually the same day with most services – all clean, pressed and/or folded. Sure, you may have your own washer and dryer. But, again, this will save you a load of time and laundry hassle. Or do it only or weekends. And it's not terribly costly, considering the time savings and major convenience this provides.
  • Sign up with a water cooler delivery service for your home and/or office. Not only is the water high quality, it's just plain convenient. Find out about delivery options here.
Your water is delivered on a regular basis and the empty jugs are carted away. Simple. Easy. This means less time at the store and no more carting cases of bottled water. More time for you. Don't forget, too, that good-quality water is the best thing for a stressed body. Hydration is health.
  • Register for one a service that offers gourmet meals in a box, ready to cook. A refrigerated box arrives at your door weekly with sorted recipe ingredients, all measured and all top-of-the-line quality. You pick out the meals in advance online. Easy. Convenient. Follow the recipe with no time-consuming shopping, chopping and measuring and voila! There are many companies that provide this service. Blue Apron is a popular option.
  • Download an app for your banking needs. No need to wait on line at the bank anymore. It's as simple as a few clicks on the smartphone. Just follow the app directions and you're set. You can just scan those deposits with your phone and avoid making a special trip.
So, sit back and enjoy the one to six hours a week that these conveniences will save you, drink a tall glass of water, and relax. Oh, and don't forget to stop and smell the roses, too. Why not? You now have the time to enjoy!