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Water and Brain Health: What You Need to Know

Would you be surprised to know that drinking water and staying hydrated is important for the health of your brain? Your brain, just like the rest of your body, demands hydration. While it is well known that our bodies cannot go without liquids for too long, the fact that our brains need hydration for optimal performance is not discussed as much. Here are four ways that water enhances our brain function, which ultimately enhances our lives.


Has your memory been a bit sketchy? Do you notice yourself saying things like, “Where did I leave my keys?” Or do you find yourself walking into a room not remembering why? There are times when short-term and/or long-term memory issues can be attributed to a lack of hydration. Drinking the proper amount of water is necessary for our brains to function properly, and memory, of course, is all about brain function. If you haven’t been drinking enough water, and find yourself having some memory issues, consider increasing your water intake.


Ouch, that headache! Headaches can occur for multiple reasons, and one of them is dehydration. Sure, you can grab ibuprofen for that headache, but why take medicine if your headache is from dehydration? Just pour a glass of water! A dehydration headache may happen simply because you haven’t had enough to drink. There is also research that states dehydration can shrink brain volume, causing pain. So, what’s the cure for avoiding a dehydration headache? Drink water!

Negative Emotions

Feeling moody? Maybe you aren’t drinking enough water. Because your body needs the proper amount of water to function properly, a brain that doesn’t get the proper hydration gets thrown out of balance, which can impact your emotions and your mood. Your brain involves many chemical processes, and without proper hydration those processes may not function properly. The result may be an anxious brain. Avoid this by drinking water.

Decreased Reaction Time

Is your reaction time slower than usual? You may be dehydrated. The brain requires the proper amount of water to function optimally; without it your cognition and motor skills may suffer. Loughborough University conducted an experiment surrounding driving and dehydration. The results found that the participants who were dehydrated made more mistakes, including late breaking and lane drifting. Just another reason to drink water!

Staying properly hydrated isn’t only about satisfying thirst; it’s also about keeping your brain functioning to its maximum capacity. From improved memory to headache avoidance to better emotional stability and reaction time, drinking water provides meaningful benefits. So, grab that glass of water, take a break, and enjoy!


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